Happy New Year from Pilates Technique Certification!

The New Year is a great time to remember to make a commitment to yourself and your health! Joseph Pilates was far ahead of his time; his concepts still ring true today.  He believed you should exercise your body every day with controlled, moderate movements.  Doing so keeps your body healthy and ready for the harsh stressors of the day. When you make Pilates and other exercise part of your daily ritual, you get blood circulating, nerves stretched and muscles conditioned to take on whatever the day has to offer.

Exercise where the movements are moderate and within the body’s range of movement, are healthiest for your joints.  Joseph Pilates had people move their joints within a defined range of movement.  This range of movement is different for everyone.  I have heard people say, " I could never do Pilates, have you seen some of those pictures on the Internet of people upside down!"  These are advanced movements, done within the range of the person's body in the picture. Know that Real Pilates Technique.....

is for every Body, regardless of limitations or injuries. Original Pilates exercises can be modified for whatever problem or range of motion a body may have. And this form of exercise can help to heal and will expand the body’s range of motion.

Pilates Technique exercises are really just common sense movements that help to get your body moving without stress and pain. We never work in pain, and usually you do not leave a session being sore.   A little goes a long way when the mind is engaged and the movements are done with proper technique. Just start with some exercise every day, breathe and think about the movements, include it in your routine and you will feel better - and be able to do more in no time!

Have a great year and get moving!!