Ever wonder why most of the pictures of Joseph Pilates we see today are of him in his Janzen’s (speedo like) outfit, outside in all temperatures? It is because he was a very circulated person! He expressed the importance of “perfect circulation equals perfect health”. He lived by this motto and created his exercise system around that belief.

In Joseph Pilates exercise method, he created an exercise that he called the 100’s. It was used as a warm-up exercise, for increasing circulation in the body. In the exercise, the body is lying supine, with the head lifted and the legs held out long from the body. The arms are pumping vigorously up and down, 6-8 inches at the bodies side, as the body takes a long inhalation for 5 pumps, then a long exhalation for 5 pumps of the arms. The body does this for 10 times, thus the name the 100’s.

If the exercise is done properly, you will see the color on the cheeks turn nice and pink. You can literally see the color.........

Tension headaches, aren't they the worst? You can take pain relief medications, but more often than not, the medications don't do the job of taking the pain away. As Pilates instructors, we will come across clients that come in to their sessions with a nagging headache, only to leave the session feeling relief. How does that happen? There are several reasons why the Pilates exercises and breath work help to relieve headache pain. The first reason is...

1st start your day with the Reformer Variations Workshop then meet I.C.Rapoport

This Workshop covers variations for all Levels on the Reformer, from Beginning to advanced. It's a great workshop for Teachers who work in studio's with Limited equipment as well as Reformer classes.

When: 9:30-12 noon, Sunday, Nov 13th.
Where: Ocean Pilates, 1727 Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA 90405
To Register, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Then, stay and meet I.C. Rapoport, who photographed Joseph Pilates in Oct. 1961, exactly fifty years ago. Even if you don't attend the workshop, come by and meet Chuck and see his amazing photos.

He has a lovely Gallery of Rare photos of Joseph Pilates and clients in the  original Studio Of Contrology, New York. You can see a few of his pictures (including himself, on our history page)

You will be able to purchase signed photos as well as his beautiful bound book of all 29 Photographs he took with Joseph Pilates.
If you are a Pilates enthusiast, this is a rare treat you don't want to miss.

When: 12 noon, Sunday, Nov. 13th
Where: Ocean Pilates, 1727 Ocean Park
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Hope to see you all there!

It has been a very exciting year here at Pilates Technique Certification! Our training program remains the industry standard, with many mimicking programs popping up trying to emulate ours. Congratulations to the 25 graduating students this year. Studios, Gyms, PT offices and the like continue to call and request our Teachers. We are very proud of our Pilates Technique Certified Teachers, who not only learned how to teach Pilates, but also, had a wonderful experience transitioning into their new career, loving their participation in the Pilates Technique Certification program and learning all of this new knowledge. It's a wonderful thing to see these students' self confidence grow as well as their self-esteem. We really are so proud! 

On a sadder note, the Pilates Community lost Ron Fletcher on Dec 6th, 2011.

As we are now heading into the the fall and the beginning of the Flu season, I am reminded of the great story of Joseph Pilates vs. Influenza. The story sticks in my mind, as I see Flu Shot advertisements everywhere! Stories tell of Joseph Pilates on the Isle of Mann as a prisoner of war. This is during world war 1, he and his brother were part of a Greek statue act in a traveling Circus. The circus happened to be in England during World War 1, because of his German citizenship, he and the rest of the group were sent to the Isle of Mann as POW's. Once there, Joseph Pilates was put in charge of the injured soldiers. He also had a group of soldiers that did his exercises religiously. When this influenza pandemic came to the Isle of Mann, Joseph Pilates' group of exercising soldiers were the only ones who did not come down with this horrible Influenza....

IC Rapoport, the photographer that took 29 pictures of Joseph Pilates in 1961, came to the studio to show us his amazing photos. Here is an article Written by Margie Allman who interviewed Chuck about his experience with Joseph Pilates:

"The majority of the well-known photographs of Joe Pilates were taken by one guy –I.C. Rapoport – in one day in October of 1961.  One day in November, 2011, we had the privilege of meeting this wonderful man, who shared with us his Day with Joseph Pilates.

Chuck had been paying his dues at Sports Illustrated, not photographing sports so much as simply the people playing the, er, sports.  First, he was sent to shoot the kids in a marble-shooting championship, preserving the grimaces on their faces as they got down near the ground to aim forever in time.  Then, he was sent to the soapbox races to shoot the parental interactions with the competitors (their children) prior to race start.

Then, one week before Irwin Charles Rapoport, 24, was scheduled to ship out to Berlin by draft into the U.S. Army, that he got the call to meet our icon, Joe.

Pilates Technique Certification is now accepting applications for the Sept. 17th program. If you are interested, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These classes fill up quickly. If you are interested, we recommend that you sign up as soon as possible to hold your spot in the class. Please check out our Teacher Training packet, you can find this by clicking on The Program, then click on Program Details. Here you will get detailed information regarding the program, how it works, the cost, etc. Pilates Technique has certified over 300 students and is the longest running program in Los Angeles. Check out our testimonial page.....