Recently, my 5 year old son's Kindergarten teacher asked if I could create some movement for the their morning routine; a few exercises that the kindergartners could do before they begin their day of learning. I was very excited to do this as I feel that today's school routines do not permit for children to move much at all. In Los Angeles schools, most kids get PE only once a week. Pilates in a morning routine could greatly enhance the children's physical lifes. Exercise in children can help focus their minds and and get them calm so they can stay focused throughout their day.

We have 18, 5 and 6 year olds in our class and the carpet area is not too big. So, I had to devise a routine that the children could do with out running into one another and simple enough for them to follow. My main goal was to get the children to become aware of their bodies in space, learn how to breath and become conscious of breath as well as have fun. We began with vertical movements,

Several years ago, there was an article in the LA Times called "“MIND-BODY BENEFITS YOGA AND PILATES FULFILL DIFFERENT WELLNESS GOALS” (March 10, 2005 Los Angeles Times by Jeannine Stein - Please click here to read this article). In this article, the author clearly was not informed about the true benefits of Pilates Technique. Mary Bowen, A Pilates Elder, wrote a wonderful response to the LA Times Article. Mary Began her studies with Joseph Pilates in 1959, and studied with Joe, Clara and their assistant Hanna for 6 years. She has been a Jungian psychoanalyst since 1970, and has taught Pilates since 1975.  We at Pilates Technique Certification wanted to share with everyone this great article that truly captures the essence of the Pilates Method. Below is Mary Bowen's response to the LA Times Article.

"As an elder of the Pilates community who has lived the Pilates Method for 46 years, taking weekly lessons for all of that time, and teaching it for 30 years, I feel I must reply to this article. I find this article to be a dumbing down and bastardizing of what the Pilates Method was created to be (and has been experienced to be by myself and many, many others) by the founders Joseph and Clara Pilates. I will respond point by point.

( First, the article states that Pilates is without a spiritual component or holistic approach and is simply a strength and conditioning system done with mat work and apparatus). Pilates without a spiritual component? Pilates has been practically messianic in its spirit and still is for those who understand it. Joe was trying to change the world! We, his followers, were referred to as his disciples. That's how avid the spirit of the method has been. As I have experienced the Pilates Method, as I practice, teach and observe it, there is always a spiritual uplift and buoyancy that comes from the work. Moreover, spirit is everywhere, isn't it? The body is a house of spirit. Joseph and Clara Pilates knew and lived that.

Pilates Technique Certification is proud to present:  Rethinking Nutrition. A workshop with Lily Nichols, Registered Dietitian and Certified Pilates Instructor.

 At Pilates Technique Certification, we stress the health of the whole body. In our field, we see every fad diet that comes in fashion, from the cabbage soup diet to Atkins to the Hollywood cleanse.

 Finally, here is a no nonsense, fun, and real-world explanation of nutrition. This workshop is great for everyone, especially those who are in the health field. We all have clients who look to us for guidance; this workshop will give you the nutrition arsenal that you need to combat all the diet fads that clients ask about.

 Rethinking Nutrition: Fat-free is out and common sense is in. Learn how to approach food in a new light - no counting required. Get your metabolism back on track without feeling deprived. Lily Nichols, RD will explain what to look for on nutrition labels and what we can learn from traditional diets based on real food, not diet shakes. There will be a Q and A section to answer all of your nutrition queries.

Where:   Ocean Pilates, 1727 Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA 90405
When:    January 23rd, 2011
Time:     10:00am-12:00pm
Cost:      $125

Registration: Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 818-989-7815 Space is limited, so register soon.


Here at Pilates Technique Certification, we are finally able to take a moment and reflect on the busy months of Lectures that we have had. In February, the PTC5 group had their Level 4 Lecture, which is always a lot of fun. The exercises get much more difficult, and the students learn about how to teach clients affected by many different types of injuries. They also learned about Pregnancy and Pilates. The PTC5 group then had their 3rd Anatomy Lecture.

We then had a much more intense Workshop on Pregnancy and Pilates opened to certified Instructors. The students learned about the different myths that are out there regarding Pregnancy and exercise, learned movements and modifications for the different trimesters of Pregnancy and how and when to start Pilates after the client delivers. It was a very interesting workshop, alleviating many of the questions the teachers had about Pregnancy and exercise.

Then, our newest group of Trainees for Pilates Technique Certification had their Orientation as well as their first Level Lecture.

After 8 weeks of Chemotherapy, 37 treatments of Radiation, Dee was finally ready for the recovery phase of her journey. As we said in our previous article, Dee's left shoulder, neck, chest and arm muscles were greatly atrophied due to the radiation treatments from her battle with Breast Cancer.
    Our first goal for Dee was to build back strength in her left side. Our second goal was to continue to rid her body of the toxic build up from the Chemo and Radiation. Her homeopathic MD put her on a Liver cleanse for two weeks which helped the process (by the way, the Liver cleanse consisted of Lemon Juice, Garlic, Olive oil and Water).
    In Dee's Pilates sessions......

Here we are in the New Year.This is the time when people have made their resolutions to get in shape or lose weight. At Pilates Technique, we see fitness and health as a life long endeavor. Think of fitness and health as a way to survive the stresses of life as well as to look younger and feel more alive. There are some very basic tools which Joseph Pilates used in his technique for life long health. We realize that there are many people who can not do Pilates, because of their location or their financial situation. We would like to offer three simple solutions to incorporate in your daily lives that will have a very positive affect on your health.

These three simple solutions are.........

I have been known to be a Pilates snob. I admit it. Sometimes I am better at hiding it than others. But I have a reason for it. Other forms of exercise just do not measure up. Well, yes, I do adore aerial arts, but that is a form of expression; my inner dancer being revived. And, true, I love running but that is different, it's cardio. When it comes to strength and flexibility training I have found few forms, both new and old, to provide the results and satisfaction that a good Pilates session does. Now I only speak for myself and do not disparage anyone else's love of yoga or kettle ball workouts. I have always said, "find the exercises you love and do them, that is what matters most." Even it if it not Pilates. There are constantly new forms of exercise popping up, with some star raving about how it keeps her/him in shape. And I do not try them all. I often hear from some of you about something you have tried and I take your word for it. But I have been on a little "trying" spree lately.