Our next Teacher Training Program will begin March 20, 2010.  If you are interested in becoming a certified Pilates instructor, sign up today.  Enrollment is first come first served and spots are limited.

You can begin accruing observation hours NOW.  We have several locations available for observation throughout Los Angeles and the Valley.  All you need to do is to complete the registration forms and place your deposit.  Just click on the "Contact Us" button to get started on your new career as a certified Pilates instructor.  Spots fill up fast so sign up TODAY!  Happy New Year!

Happy New Years! Now is the time to make a promise and commitment to yourself. Pilates exercises are the perfect way to get in shape and become healthy. Think of 2010 as the year to focus on yourself, become aligned, increase your flexibility, rid your body of toxins, learn how to breath and strengthen your core muscles to help prevent injuries and make yourself feel younger and taller. With even one class a week, you can....

Recently, I participated in an inline skate (Rollerblade) marathon in Napa Valley. Marathon races are events I take part in from time to time not necessarily for a podium spot, but for the simple fun of it.  As for the Valley, I have to say, there are few more picturesque places on earth then a clear, warm Sunday mornng along the Silverado Trail.  I highly recommend it.

Anyway, during the race while often being disracted by the perfectly laid out vine rows and Mardi Gras-colored hot-air balloons just above the horizon, I was skating along and doing my best; looking ahead for the next competitor to catch (and hopefully pass).  Did I mention I wasn't in it for a podium spot?

Pilates exercises can be very helpful to those who experience disc injuries. The most common disc injury that we see is the bulging or herniated disc. The lower back is the most common site for a bulging disc, then the neck. A bulging disc is when the soft tissue (which is much like a covered car tire) bulges out of the hard lining. This bulge can be harmless, but when big enough can press against the spinal cord and cause much pain and discomfort. When this happens, the disc (which is our natural shock absorber) can become smaller and so can the space between the vertebrae. Disc injuries can happen..

In each certification program we do the question of neutral spine inevitably comes up at some point.  Someone has done another training program before and he/she raises the question. Or someone starts teaching at a studio where neutral spine is emphasized and the student asks us what the difference is. In PTC3, one student raised the question in a lab in Level 3 and it led to an amazing and exciting conversation among us—we stayed forty-five minutes after lab talking about it.

This weekend, our current trainees are about to experience the Level 5 Weekend. It's one of our favorites as all the fun advanced tricks are taught and learned. In Level 5, some of the fun things that we will be doing are Backbends on the Reformer, Adult Gymnastics on the Cadillac and even Back Walkovers off the High Barrel. It is also so great to see our students achieve the level of fitness required for these high risk elements, from all of the self-workout hours required in the course. We hear a lot of clapping from the students and cheering each other on.

Pilates for Pregnancy Workshop is Oct. 4!

I started Pilates because of a back injury from a car accident.  After the accident, it was one of my great fears that my back was not going to be able to carry the weight of a pregnancy.

So it was an enormous relief when, during my first and 2nd pregnancies, I have had no back pain.  And for that, I credit the work I've done in Pilates. Here's why...