Have you ever wondered how to choose a Pilates Teacher Training Program?  What kind of questions should I ask?  How do I know what style to choose?  How long should the program take?
Here are a few things to think about when looking for a Teacher Training program:

First of all, who is teaching the program?  What is that person’s background?  How long has the program been around?  At PTC Jill Cassady is the program director and has been teaching Pilates for more than 20 years.  She was trained by Romana Kryzanowska who in turn studied with Joseph Pilates himself.  There are not many programs available with that direct of a lineage to Mr. Pilates.  This ensures that the work is still pure and has not been diluted. PTC has been certifying teachers since 1995.

What style of Pilates will I be studying?  There are many styles around........

which can be very confusing.  Classic New York Style Pilates is what Joseph Pilates developed, originally calling it “Contrology”.  PTC teaches the basics the way Joe intended it to be studied.  Incorporating mind and body.  It’s not just another gym workout.  You can’t just turn on the TV and crank it out.  You have to be fully present.  No music, no mirrors.  Just you, your breath and your body, working together as the body was designed to work.

How long is the program and what will I be learning?  The PTC program is an 8 month comprehensive program including all of the major pieces of equipment and many auxiliary pieces. We want you to be comfortable teaching with any piece of equipment a studio may have on hand.  You will learn basic anatomy designed to help you understand the bodies you will be working with.  We also have business lectures so you will know how to take your new Pilates skills out into the market.  Whether that means working in a studio or starting your own.

Will there be job opportunities for me after I have completed the course?  PTC has an apprentice teaching program so you can “earn while you learn”.  We are frequently contacted by other studios looking for quality teachers as PTC has a reputation for putting out exceptional instructors.

There are many weekend certifications out there that do not embody the founding principles of Joseph Pilates “Contrology”.  So doing your homework is paramount in researching a Pilates Teacher Training Program.