If you are interested in participating in the Pilates Technique Certification Program that begins in March, we are now accepting Registration. The Lecture Series begins March 9th and 10th with Orientation on March 3rd. This is a very popular program and slots go fast. We highly encourage you to contact us to get your Registration Papers now. We have 3 locations for you to do your hours, Santa Monica, Brentwood and Studio City.

Anyone that signs up early may be eligible to begin their Observation hours. This is a big advantage for most students as you will need to log 180 Observation hours through out the course. The Observation hours are also a great way to see how instructors teach, get an idea of how the studio works and really, just get settled into a schedule before the lecture series begin.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Teacher Training program: When can I do my hours? All hours are on your schedule. So if you are a person who

works nights and has days free, then you will do most of your hours during the day. For those that work a day job, they will come in after work and on weekends.


When do the Lectures take place? All Lectures are on the weekend. Pilates Lectures (there are a total of 5) are done on Sat afternoon from 1-6pm, and Sunday from 9:30-2:30. These Lectures are 6 weeks apart. All Anatomy, Business and Marketing Lectures take place on Sunday mornings. There are 4 Anatomy Lectures and 2 Business and Marketing Lectures.

When do Labs take Place and what are the Labs? Labs take place on Mondays. We have daytime Labs for those that work in the evening or have their days free. There are evening Labs for those that work during the day. The Labs are an hour and a half, and the labs go over the material from the Pilates Lectures. We want to make sure that you are really understanding the material from the Lectures. You will practice teach and physically do the exercises in the Labs.

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