Here is a lovely article written by one of our Assistant Instructors Nicole Briggs of Strong Body Pilates in Studio City:

What I like about my clients are the changes I see. Some of these changes are from the very first session. Clients often tell me, with a smile on their face, that after their first session their posture improves and they feel taller and lighter.

I also like the little changes over time that happen from small discoveries. Clients have told me, “I finally feel what you've been talking about” or “I remember when I couldn't do that before.”
My biggest joy comes with long-term change. For example, I have a client who is 78 years old, and started with me when she was 73....

Her physical complaints were back and neck pain, from scoliosis and degeneration.
Twenty minutes into her first session she was exhausted. I told her Pilates should make her feel invigorated and to give it some time. She scheduled sessions once a week at that time. When she came for her second session, she got tired 30 minutes into it. By the third session she was shocked that the 55 minutes was over.
Soon my client's treadmill work out got more energized, as did she. She reported to me that she could now bend down and clean out her kitchen cupboards; something she couldn't do in years. She added a second session to her week.
Over time the client's daily headaches went away, she could fully articulate her spine (to the point of doing an unassisted teaser on the mat). For those who know teaser, it's a challenging exercise. This client is not afraid to try anything, even if it takes her 5 years to get there. Pilates is a process that can help people in many ways. I am happy that I can be part of that process.