Pilates Technique is proud to announce our latest group of graduates has passed their final exam and is ready to move out into the world to teach Pilates. Our graduates go through a rigorous training, sometimes not easy. But they are prepared for all the many different types of clients we see as Pilates Instructors. You can see some of our graduates on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/pilatestechnique. Unlike many of the fad type Pilates that are out there, the classic style of Pilates is very healing and injury preventative. This is why it is necessary for Pilates instructors to be trained in Injuries, pregnancy and the older population. Our graduates go through a 9 month course and are required to Teach-Pilates, Self-workout and Observe other Pilates instructors. They are also required to learn anatomy, the skeleton, and body mechanics. We give written feedback to all of our students on all of their tests to ensure they are getting the knowledge that is required to make a great instructor. You can look up our graduates from the list on our website if you are interested in a teacher in a specific area. Go to The Program, then click on Certified Instructors. Congrats again Graduates!