Roman Kryzanowska, my Pilates mentor, passed peacefully in her sleep on Friday, Aug. 30th.
Upon hearing of Romana’s passing, I remembered the years that I worked in her studio, Drago’s Gym (currently True Pilates) and my experiences with her. She was a true healer. Her spirit was strong, such an inspiration to the work that I do with my clients today. I was so lucky and blessed to have trained with her when I did. Often times, I was the only student with Romana and her daughter Shari. It was a quiet time at Drago’s, before The Pilates Studio really took off and filled Drago’s with many, many students. It was the time before most people knew what Pilates was, before the politics, before the stars sold Pilates on infomercials.

Romana was a healer, she spoke to me of intuition, of ESP, of clairvoyance. She taught me how to listen to my client’s bodies. She taught me practical solutions, so simple, yet most people don’t think of them. She taught me to care for my clients, to remember that every session was special; that we we’re not just teaching Pilates, but we we’re teaching people how to heal themselves. She had so much pride in her work. She knew she was passing along a special gift, and chose her words carefully.

I remember Shari’s love for her mother.  Romana used to work for 5 hours straight without taking a break for a sip of water or a bite to eat. Shari used to say, “Mother, you need to eat!”  Shari would shoo clients away and tell them, it’s time for my mother to take a break. The love, respect and attention she gave her mother was beautiful.

There will be a Memorial held to celebrate Romana’s life on September 13th, 2013 at 4pm at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, 14 East 51st Street, New York, New York 10022.

Thank You Romana for the gift of knowledge that you have passed down to me.
For inspiring me to give back to people, to help teach people how to heal from within. I am very glad and lucky to have known you!