PTC13 Level 1Congrats to our newest Pilates Technique Certification Trainees. Level 1 Lecture was last weekend. The new group did a great job learning, teaching and executing the Level 1 exercises. Some of the Trainees expressed how they had found muscles they didn't know they had. At the end of the Saturday lecture, most everyone couldn't believe that day was over as they thought it so much fun. They said the day went be really fast. The Second day went equally fast and the trainees expressed how they didn't want the lectures to end. Now, the new trainees have begun working on their hours. Over the next 5 weeks, they will be practice teaching, self-working out and Observing. For those of you who missed this round of certification, don't worry....Our next Lecture series will begin in September. If you are interested in September, i recommend that you register as soon as you can. If you Register now, you may actually get to be a body for the March program. That means free Pilates :)