“What type of Pilates certification do I need to become a successful Instructor?”

We get asked this question a lot.  First and foremost, who is the main instructor of the program? You want a teacher that has many years of experience and who has worked as close to Joseph Pilates as possible. And a program that has certified countless successful students who have went on to teach and open their own studios.

Know that in order to be a Pilates Instructor that works on a regular basis, you should get a full certification.  You are learning a vocation, to become a confident  expert in your field.  An intensive course that is 9 months long, will be much more beneficial to your career, than a program that is a weekend certification or only a few months. Putting the time and effort into your education will directly correlate to the amount of work you will get as a certified Pilates Instructor. 

All full certifications include Matwork in their program. A full certification also includes all of the exercises on all of the equipment. You want to look for a program that teaches you the full program, not just parts. I believe some programs are referring to their “parts” as modules, and that you are required to pay for each part as you go.  It’s important to see the whole big picture, so that you know what your goals are for your clients through out the levels. We place our instructors in many of the more corporate gyms and they look for Instructors that have thorough training. Places like Equinox and other high level corporate gyms regularly recruit from Pilates Technique Certification because of the well-rounded, in-depth education our instructors have.

Watch out for the words “Master Teacher”. This phrase is now being used flippantly. We have never seen so many “Master Teachers.” In our opinion, a Master Teacher is someone who has had at least 25 years of experience teaching Pilates, and also who studied with one of the original Masters that studied with Joseph Pilates.  Look for the instructor’s bio and check with whom they studied.

Make sure the Certifying center is clear about what is included with the cost of your tuition. Is the time in the studio, when you do your hours, included in your tuition fee? Are there Anatomy and other Lectures, and if so, are these included in your tuition fee.

And lastly, what is the certifying center’s main goal? Is the Certification there to support their studio? Or, is it there as an education for teachers and supporting their knowledge and career path as a Pilates Instructor?
Ask questions. Get what you pay for, and get the best for your education!

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