I love my Job. It is the most satisfying job I could ever imagine. I love the effect I can make on people’s lives. I love to see how my clients begin to take charge of their own health. I love that they become proactive in their total approach to health. And most of all, I love how happy they are when they are done with their sessions, free from pain, their nerves calmed and ready to start their day!

Here are just a few of the examples I am talking about:

One of my longest standing clients always says, that she must have her Pilates sessions, otherwise the guys in her office don’t necessarily want to be around her. She says the breathing in Pilates helps to calm her soul, while the exercises help to iron out the tensions in her muscles, and make her feel lighter and free of any aches and pains.


One of my clients walked in the room and said, "Since I have started Pilates, I have grown a whole inch and a quarter." This news made me truly happy, but the light in my clients eyes was even better. It is always amazing, year after year, how much Pilates can change a person’s life for the better and bring happiness into their life. The quote, “ why hadn’t I tried this before” is a familiar saying with many of my new clients.


Another client came in after there was a huge flood in Los Angeles years ago and said with a beaming smile, "We saved the yard, and most importantly, I didn’t hurt myself!" I asked her what she meant, and she said, “We had to empty the pool as it would flood over and the water would run into the house surrounding it. I was able to pull in my Powerhouse and empty buckets of water out into the street with out hurting my back. Pretty darn good for a 53 year old women and I owe it all to Pilates!”


These are just a few of the amazing anecdotes I get from my clients. What other job could be better?